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Claire’s art studies began at the University of Tampa and at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine where she majored in ceramics.  She continued her fine arts studies in Vermont at Johnson College.  Claire taught ceramics at Vermont Community College and at her studio in Northern Vermont where she worked with salt and Raku kilns.  After moving to Toronto in 1980 she studied ceramics with Raku artist Michael Sheba and at Haliburton School of the Arts.  She loves taking her interest in Raku and smoke fired pottery outdoors, creating ‘pop up’ studios in natural environments.

Since  2009 Claire has continued her studies and art practice in painting and figure drawing at Toronto School of Art, Halibutton School of the Arts and Art2Life CVP program.  Claire maintains a studio inToronto where she is currently focusing on mixed media painting.  Her ceramic works and atmospheric paintings are in private collections in the United States and Canada.

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Growing up in and on the ocean connected me to the natural rhythm of the tides, the seasonal cycles, the constantly moving winds, crashing waves, meditative mists and glowing, reflective atmospheres. The natural world speaks to us of things far greater than we realize. The ocean puts life into perspective…we are tiny and impermanent on our little planet. And we are under siege. My paintings are meditative, even prayerful, pointing to the great mystery and beauty within the storms, the dance of meaning and emotion, impersonal and personal; to extraordinary light and uplifting posibilites.


Toronto School of Art, Painting, Toronto, 2009-2014
Neilsen Park Creative Center, Ontario, Painting 2003 - 2008
Haliburton School of the Arts, Ontario, Ceramics, 1995-1999
Johnson College, Ceramics, Vermont, 1975-1976
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Ceramics, Maine, 1969
University of Tampa, Florida, 1965-1968


Etobicoke Civic Center Center Gallery, Group Show, 2019

Neilson Park Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2019

Art Square Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2018

Gallery 1313, Group Show, Toronto 2018

Art Square Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2017

Gallery 1313, Group Show, Toronto 2017

West End Art Tour Collective, Toronto 2010 -2020

Toronto Art Blast Open Studio Tour 2016

Todmorden Papermill Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2016

3030 Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2015

Lattitude 44 Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2011

Launch Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 2009

Neilson Park Creative Centre, Group Show Toronto 2005


West End Art Tour Collective

Toronto Potters Association

Fusion Clay and Glass Association

"The Arts We Practice Are Our Apprenticeship.  The Big Art Is Our Life."


M.C. Richards

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